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Folia Oecologica

Editor-in-Chief: Milan Barna
Deputy Editor: Miroslav Saniga
Executive Editor: Katarína Sládeková

Folia Oecologica, an international scientific journal, is a continuation of the journal Folia dendrologica published within the years 1974–1997. It publishes peer rewied articles covering all aspects of both theoretical and applied ecology and related interdisciplinary fields (nature conservation, forestry, agriculture, ecological economics etc.). The Journal publishes full-text papers, short communications and review articles. Folia Oecologica is indexed/covered in Elsevier Products (Scopus™), Web of Science and other databases.


Foxx, Alicia J; Wojcik, Siobhán T

Plasticity in response to soil texture affects the relationships between a shoot and root trait and responses vary by population Journal Article

Folia Oecologica, 48 (2), pp. 199 - 204, 2021.

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Koshelev, Olexander; Koshelev, Vasiliy; Fedushko, Marina; Zhukov, Olexander

Annual course of temperature and precipitation as proximal predictors of birds’ responses to climatic changes on the species and community level Journal Article

Folia Oecologica, 48 (2), pp. 118 - 135, 2021.

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Karlin, Marcos Sebastián; Arnulphi, Sebastián Abel; Salazar, Javier Rodolfo Bernasconi

Mid-term changes in the physiognomy of plant communities and functional plant groups define successional pathways of mountain vegetation in the province of Córdoba (Argentina) Journal Article

Folia Oecologica, 48 (1), pp. 9-24, 2021.

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Hlôška, L; Chovancová, B; Chovancová, G; Fleischer, P

Influence of climatic factors on the population dynamics of small mammals (Rodentia, Soricomorpha) on the sites affected by windthrow in the High Tatra Mts Journal Article

Folia Oecologica, 43 (1), pp. 12-20, 2016, ISSN: 1336-5266.

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Paulin, Márton; Hirka, Anikó; Eötvös, Csaba Béla; Gáspár, Csaba; Fürjes-Mikó, Ágnes; Csóka, György

Known and predicted impacts of the invasive oak lace bug (Corythucha arcuata) in European oak ecosystems – a review Journal Article

Folia Oecologica, 47 (2), pp. 131-139, 2020.

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Zhukov, Oleksandr V; Kunah, Olga M; Dubinina, Yuliya Y; Fedushko, Marina P; Kotsun, Vadim I; Zhukova, Yuliya O; Potapenko, Olena V

Tree canopy affects soil macrofauna spatial patterns on broad- and meso- scale levels in an Eastern European poplar-willow forest in the floodplain of the River Dnipro Journal Article

Folia Oecologica, 46 (2), pp. 101–114, 2019, ISSN: 1336-5266.

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Saisamorn, Apinya; Duengkae, Prateep; Pattanavibool, Anak; Duangchantrasiri, Somphot; Simcharoen, Achara; Smith, James L D

Spatial and temporal analysis of leopards (Panthera pardus), their prey and tigers (Panthera tigris) in Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand Journal Article

Folia Oecologica, 46 (2), pp. 73–82, 2019, ISSN: 1336-5266.

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Zadorozhnaya, G A; Andrusevych, K V; Zhukov, O V

Soil heterogeneity after recultivation: ecological aspect Journal Article

Folia Oecologica, 45 (1), pp. 46-52, 2018, ISSN: 1336-5266.

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Martynov, V O; Brygadyrenko, V V

The impact of some inorganic substances on change in body mass of Tenebrio molitor (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae) larvae in a laboratory experiment Journal Article

Folia Oecologica, 45 (1), pp. 24-32, 2018, ISSN: 1336-5266.

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Maltsev, Y; Maltseva, I

The influence of forest-forming tree species on diversity and spatial distribution of algae in forest litter Journal Article

Folia Oecologica, 45 (2), pp. 72-81, 2018, ISBN: 1336-5266.

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Zhukov, O V; Kunah, O M; Dubinina, Y Y; Novikova, V O

The role of edaphic, vegetational and spatial factors in structuring soil animal communities in a floodplain forest of the Dnipro river Journal Article

Folia Oecologica, 45 (1), pp. 8-23, 2018, ISSN: 1336-5266.

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