Project COEVOLVERS has been launched!

Project COEVOLVERS has been launched!

The partners of the COEVOLVERS project (Coevolutionary approach to unlock the transformative potential of nature-based solutions for more inclusive and resilient communities) of the HORIZON EUROPE scheme, participated in the kick-off meeting in Turku, Finland, which took place from December 7 to December 9, 2022. The meeting was organized by the project coordinator and Finnish partner Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE). This opening meeting was organized mainly with the aim of getting to know the partners and determining the following tasks within the individual workpackages, while the overall project schedule is from 11/2022 to 10/2026.

The project includes 7 Living Labs in Finland, Spain, Italy, Czechia & Slovakia, Scotland, Hungary and Estonia, where new approaches to the implementation of such concepts are developed and tested according to the principles of “co-creation” and “coevolution”. Co-creation means the involvement of all stakeholders in the development and implementation, and the co-evolutionary approach represents that institutions and technologies are considered in interaction with the ecosystem and its human actors in order to involve them equally in the process of co-creation and finding solutions in the result that are beneficial for all human and non-human actors.

Department of Strategic Environmental Analyses leads the work package 4 focused on institutional and behavioral aspects of decision making.

The next meeting will take place in Tartu, Estonia: Conference Contemporary Umwelt Analysis from 18.4. to 20.4.2023.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon research and innovation programme under grant agreement 101084220.