Another meeting on the Coevolvers project took place in Velké Karlovice, this time focusing on good practice

Another meeting on the Coevolvers project took place in Velké Karlovice, this time focusing on good practice

In mid-November, a joint Czech-Slovak workshop was conducted at the Municipal Office in Velké Karlovice. The workshop aimed to propose effective nature-friendly measures for forest and water management in the Beskydy region. Attendees included representatives from neighbouring Czech and Slovak municipalities, tourism entrepreneurs, forestry sector representatives, and a delegate from the Morava River Basin.

The meeting commenced with prof. Tatiana Kluvánková from SlovakGlobe, unveiling the outcomes of interviews and a questionnaire survey conducted in August 2023. These findings highlighted the growing significance of climate protection measures and collaborative efforts in the region. Subsequently, the invited professional public from the Beskydy region took the floor, presenting their experiences and examples of good practices in applying nature-friendly solutions to forest and water management, all within the context of adapting to climate change.

Mr. Ján Kočíšek of the Slovak Environmental Agency initiated the presentations by highlighting how butterflies serve as effective and sensitive indicators of climate change. Following him, Mr. Václav Langer from Forests of the Czech Republic, North Moravia, provided tangible examples of water retention in the Beskydy region’s landscape and forests. Mr. Milan Ovseník, representing the Union of Regional Association of Owners of Non-State Forests of Slovakia, emphasized the crucial role of local communities in enhancing environmental quality. Online participation included meteorologist Dr. Petr Skalák from the Institute of Global Change Research of the Czech Academy of Sciences, who underscored negative trends in temperature and climate change. Mr. Václav Vrzgula from the Bílá Ski Area contributed insights into the implementation of water retention in the landscape and discussed community support and education. Mr. Juraj Kubinec from the Ski area Kasárne introduced new, alternative approaches to land cultivation within regenerative agriculture. Mr. David Veselý from the Morava River Basin shared practical examples of water management implementation. The final presenter was Mr. Stanislav Gašparik, the Mayor of Makovo, who expressed a commitment to developing the concept of climatic baths.

Following the presentations, a vibrant discussion ensued, fostering the exchange of experiences regarding the implemented measures and establishing connections for future collaboration. „Initiating discussions, bridging actors from diverse fields, and promoting cross-border cooperation are key objectives of our Coevolvers project. We remain committed to advancing these goals in the region over the next three years. This workshop was instrumental in achieving this, making the meeting a resounding success. We eagerly anticipate ongoing collaboration,” states Dr. Martin Špaček from CETIP Network, responsible for coordinating the international Coevolvers project activities in the Beskydy region.

The event ended with a joint lunch with invited guests.

In November, Velke Karlovice enhanced the measuring station by installing two additional information boards. These boards allow residents or vacationers to access real-time information, including details about the measuring station and other activities in the region, using a QR code.