Zach Peter

Zach Peter

AEI Research Group

Zach Peter, Ing. CSc.

Department: Institute of Forest Ecology SAS Zvolen

Phone:  +421 45 5241 111, kl.128


Research areas: a forest entomologist and phythopathologist conducting research in the field of forest entomology, forest protection and biodiversity conservation with emphasis placed on bark beetles (Scolytinae) and other xylophilous beetles, ladybirds (Coccinellidae) and invasive insect species. A keen birdwatcher.


  • PhD. in Forest Pathology and Plant Protection (1993)


  • VEGA 2/0052/15: Functionally important animals in forest dynamics in new environmental conditions
  • VEGA 2/0012/17: Importance of local habitats and microhabitats for spacial distribution of forest and arboricolous arthropods
  • APVV-15- 0348: New methods in an integrated forest protection incorporating the use of entomopathogenic fungi
  • APVV-14- 0567: Information and warning system for invasive organisms in forests and urban areas