Kováč Urban

Kováč Urban

SEA Research Group

Kováč Urban, doc. Ing., PhD.

Department: Department of Strategic Environmental Analyses, Detached workplace Bratislava

Phone:  +421 908 902 394

Email: ukovac@savzv.sk

Urban Kováč graduated from Faculty of National Economy, University of Economics in Bratislava in June 1999. Faculty of Mathematics Physics and Informatics, Comenius University in Bratislava in Slovakia (M.Sc. in Mathematics) in August 2006. He did PhD in Finance University of Economics (2006) and Nanotechnology, University of Glasgow  (2011). His research experience are mainly in mathematical and statistical applications in engineering, behavioural sciences and economics, including software development, such as agent based models, neural networks module, genetic programming and algorithm, and evolutionary programming module, and strong numerical optimization routines module.  He worked 6 years at the University of Glasgow and at Software Design Executive at Gold Standard Simulations Ltd . Apart from engineering research he has also 9 years experience in artificial modelling of the capital and financial markets using neural networks and genetic algorithms and programming. He has already published his research work in two distinguished international current content journals (Microelectronics Reliability and journal IEEE Transaction on Electron Devices), participated at 8 international and national grant projects. The strong interest in interdisciplinary economic research he has been demonstrating in non-profit nongovernmental organization Virtual Scientific Laboratories (VSL) in Slovakia  by organizing five Nobel prize lecture series in Bratislava (Prof. Robert Aumann (May 2008), Prof. Edward Prescott (September 2009), Prof. Robert Mundell (March 2010), and Prof. Edmund Phelps (September 2010), and prof. Oliver Williamson (September 2010), three conferences with CERGE-EI Prague cooperation  (Bratislava Economic Meeting (BEM) 2008, BEM 2010,Prague Economic Meeting 2011) and several workshops and lectures for students.