Michalko Jaroslav

Michalko Jaroslav

Db Research Group

Michalko Jaroslav, Ing., PhD.

Oddelenie dendrobiológie
Arborétum Mlyňany
Slovenskej akadémie vied
Vieska nad Žitavou 178
951 52 Slepčany
tel: +421 37 633 42 11; fax: +421 37 642 69 31
Email: michalko.jaroslav@savba.sk

Research interests: plant-microbe interactions, plant endophytes, plant beneficial microbiome, biotechnology


  • PhD. in* Biotechnology *(2009-2014), Institute of Plant Genetics and Biotechnology, Slovak Academy of Sciences in Nitra, Slovakia
  • Msc. in *Biotechnology *(2007-2009) Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia


  • VEGA 2/0025/15* Endophytic microorganisms and their potential role in increasing stress tolerance of woody plant species.
  • VEGA 2/0072/16* Biologically active substances in selected woody ornamental species of the genus Magnolia.
  • COST Action FA1405* Using three-way interactions between plants, microbes and arthropods to enhance crop protection and production